Jackson Schools and New Fees

Ok It’s September and our kids are on their way back to school. Now comes the fun part, we have been informed that new “Participation Fees” schedule is up for “Athletics and Activities”. The program, as described in the BOE brochure ParticipationFees.pdf is “implemented to create revenue to sustain district athletics and extra-curricular programming”. I attended the meeting in Memorial High School on August 31st 2010 with coaches and the Director of Athletics. I thought our Tax dollars are paying for this? Is this a way for the BOE to get around a “tax” increase by calling these “fees”?

They were quick to approve almost $2 Million dollars of technology upgrades for Memorial. And only the first years payment is accounted for, will they be coming back to the taxpayers to fund the rest next year? How about the raise (mid contract) for the Superintendent of schools. I thought we voted down these referendums, including technology. Don’t get me wrong, my daughter attends Memorial and my son graduated several years ago from there, I just don’t like to see the will of the people circumvented.

A parent asked a question at the coaches meeting regarding the “fees” it was a question as to where these fees are going and how they are separated for the athletics/activities. The answer by the Director of Athletics was that to his knowledge, they just went into the general budget. This should outrage every parent. So, by going into the general fund, the money is not designated for any athletic or activity purpose it’s just adding money into the school general fund. I think we should demand an accounting of these funds. We were also informed that they are discontinuing awards dinners because of the $6,000 price tag. So what exactly are these fees going for if we have to put up more money to have an awards dinner at the end of the year?

We need more parents to get involved and attend the BOE meetings as often as possible. I know we are all busy, but the consequence is they can spend our money without any checks and balances. We Vote in the BOE to watch out for our children and our Tax dollars, something is failing somewhere along the line and not many people are watching.

More to follow…

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